Service we offer or provide

We offer Web Hosting service and Domain registration service for the worldwide. We have USA and Germany both based server active all the time for sale. Based on customers need, we distribute/re-distribute our service to others as a contract basis for a certain time frame.

What purpose you can use our service

A business, portfolio or blog require a website or web space to keep things in order to make that available internet. Like a domain name and hosting. We offer those things.

What you can not do with our product/service

This is strongly prohibited to use any of our product to do/publish any unethical/harmful things internet like pornography, legal arms show, marketing, publishing or discussion. We also warn our customer not doing anything with our product that goes against any country laws.

If any of those terms violation made by any user and we understand that, we will remove everything without notice and will delete the account/agreement with us without any explanation, anytime! Otherwise, any lawful action taken by the country’s regulation is suggested.